Web Hosting Plans

Web Hosting

All our cPanel Web Hosting accounts are hosted on powerful servers with Intel Xeon E5 CPUs and SSD storage. We offer a big first invoice discount for all new customer and, for our existing customers, we always have new coupon discounts for your next recurring payments. Our Web hosting has a clearly written disk space that you can use for all your files, backups and emails. Never be surprised again with an account suspension when you reach the unspoken limits of others 'unlimited' plans. All our hosting accounts have a daily backup that goes back to 10 days and our top Web44 Plan has a never seen hourly backup.

Our web hosting prices

* + EU VAT only added to private clients in Europe. All plans are prepaid. Promotional prices are available to new customers only and are valid for the initial term.

Included in all Web Hosting plans

cPanel to configure your hosting

We use cPanel as our Hosting Panel, because it is the most used panel in the world. Constantly updated and secure, we always choose for our clients the top industry standard.

SSD Enhanced Servers

Our servers are all equipped with SSD drives that guarantee the fastest access times. We set your I/O limit higher than the other web hosting companies, so that your website can be as fast as possibile.

One Click Install WordPress

Settings up a Wordpress takes some manual work and plenty of time. Our cPanel has the one click WordPress install to create automatically in no time a new website for you.

Easily Scalable

If you need more for your website and you reach your plan limits, easly upgrade your hosting plan anytime and as fast as an upgrade, you can always downgrade your plan too!

Unlimited Data Transfer

This means we do not track nor charge extra for how much traffic you put through our servers regardless of how often your website is accessed. Any form of streaming or file sharing is excluded.

Instant, free SSL certificate (https://)

Through LetsEncrypt we give to everyone SSL certificates at no additional cost. This means as soon as you add a new domain name, the SSL certificate will be issued and installed automatically.

Powerful hardware

Same servers for every account, we don't have slow servers for our cheaper plan. All our servers are equipped with new INTEL XEON E5 CPUs, 128GB RAM, SSD RAID disks and 1Gbps connection.

Lots of unlimitedness

Why to pay or upgrade web hosting plan for simple things that should be free. We give unlimited email addresses, unlimited databases and unlimited bandwith to all our plans.

Ultra fast sites

Our hosting plans are fast! Equipped with powerful Xeon CPU, SSD, PHP7 with OPcache, plenty of bandwith and no limited account resources, you will see a decrease in loading times!

Free backups

We use JetBackup to have always secure and up to date backups of your data. Backups are free and you can easly restore all your data from your cPanel. If you need any assistence, we will be happy to restore the data for you.

Visibile Cloudlinux setting

Most hosting companies hide how much resources are given. They use marketing words like 'super-speed' 'faster 20x' but then your account is limited at 25% CPU and 0,5 GB RAM and 1 MB/s. We write how many resources are given to each plan. Try to ask your current hosting about their limits.

Free migration and Cloudflare configuration

We can transfer your current website for free from your previous hosting company to us. With no downtime, we will make a duplicate of your website, so you can easly compare the difference and if for any reason you don't like Piu Host, you can very easly go back to your old hosting with with our 30 days guarantee!