Every Piu HOST hosting plan comes with Unlimited email addresses. This means you can create how many yourname@yourdomain emails you want for you and for your colleagues. Creating new emails is very easy. Access our cPanel and in email configuration you can just type in the name and password you want and the mailbox is created and ready to accept emails. We can of course create them for you, just drop us a message.

To read emails on PIU HOST you have two ways. Or trough the Webmail, that you can access any time from every computer or phone. Or installing an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird. Those programs need to be configured, but it's really easy. Piu Host uses autoconfiguration scripts, so that you only need to put in your email and password and the email client will find all the settings by itself. Of course, if you need any assistance in that, we will be happy to help you any time.

There is no limit of the number of email addresses you can create, but there is a 5 GB space limit for all your emails. That is pretty big amount of space for emails and usually you won't reach that before many years. There is no unlimited email space hosting out there, even Google gives just 7 GB space for their G-Mail accounts. So every now and then, people download all their emails to the computer and free up space online. If you reach your limit we will send you an email. No email box will be closed or stop working if you go over limit. We will then help you to transfer the oldest emails to your computer and free up used space. If you want to keep all emails online, then we can add more space to your account for a small monthly price.