unMETERED web space

Everyone offers unlimited web space, we offer unmetered space. Guess what? Unmetered and unlimited space do not exist. It is a marketing gimmick and today every hosting company offers 'Unlimited space'. Clients of course choose 'Unlimited' instead someone offering 'just' 10 Gigabytes of space. But do you really need unlimited space? No. And this is what the hosting companies know. There is no website that will use more than 2 or 3 GB of space. You can fill your web space up with images and pages and never reach any considerable amount of web space. That is why everyone can offer unlimited space. Some hosting companies also limit their clients in the amount of INODES. Inodes are the number of files you can store on their server. Such limit is quickly reached, especially installing Wordpress, and you will know only when the 'unlimited' hosting provider will ask you to upgrade (and more money) because you went over that limit that can be  only found in their Agreement Policy.

Piu Host offers you all the space you need for your company or private website. There are no limits on space, files numbers or transfer for building your website. We just do not allow to use the 'unlimited' space for backups, general file storage, public uploads or file sharing of any sort.

If you want to make a Youtube or a Facebook clone, you can of course, but contact us first and we will offer you a custom server.