No inode limits

Our hosting plans do not have any limit on the number of INODES. Many hosting provider offer unlimited space but then in their usage policy they set limits on how many INODES (file number) you can have on their server. Setting a INODES limit is a way to be able to control the space used by the customers, so that their 'unlimited' space is in fact limited. Not by space used, but by the numbers of files present on the disk. Websites that use Wordpress have a large amount of small files and will easily reach that set limit of INODES.

We give you real unlimited space for your website. We do not count the number of files you upload. The only limit we set is that the uploaded files have to be part of the website and our server space should not be used for backup and storage purposes. Websites with user uploads of any kind are allowed, but need to be discussed with our team first.