Custom shared web hosting plan - Build your own hosting plan
Start for free and upgrade it later

CUSTOM: Why do you have to buy hosting plans and be stuck with a hosting company for 1 or 3 years and have a plan with lots of options that you will never use but you have to pay for? Piu Host web hosting company offers a new custom approach to build your own hosting plan starting from a full working free hosting account. Take our custom plan and build your website without spending any money. Anytime later, to make your hosting plan more powerful, you can add options when you really need them and remove them anytime later.

PREBUILD: We have prebuild web hosting plans (start,plus,power) that include the typical options that are offered by other hosting companies. The packages are cheaper as if you would select the same single options in our custom plan. You can upgrade/downgrade to another package, even back to free custom, but you can't downgrade a single option in a prebuild discounted package.

OPTIONS: You can add more cpu power, add more disk space, more ram, domain names, ...
Options are additional paid features that you can add to your custom plan or the prebuild package plans.

ACTIVATION: The custom plan with no options is activated immediately and you can login to your control panel right away. The prebuild package plans are activated as soon as we get the payment. Every extra option will be activated/deactivated manually by our support staff in 24 hours or earlier.

GUARANTEE: We offer a custom free plan so that you are able to test our servers. The accounts are the same as the normal paid hosting plans, with no advertising or hidden strategies to make us earn money from a free account. We don't resell your email or user details and we don't send you spam.

Custom Hosting Plan Prebuild Hosting Plans
€0,00 /month
Total €5,50
€3,00 /month
Total €10,00
€6,50 /month
Total €21,00
€12,50 /month
CPU power
CPU power 50% CPU 100% CPU 200% CPU 400% CPU
  RAM available
RAM available 512 MB 1 GB 2 GB 4 GB
  DISK space
DISK space 1 GB 5 GB 10 GB 20 GB
  SSD disk
SSD disk -
  Monthly BANDWIDTH limit
Monthly BANDWIDTH limit 5 GB 5 GB 20 GB 50 GB
  DOMAIN names
DOMAIN names 1 1 5 unlmited
SUBDOMAIN names 1 1 1 10
  MYSQL database
MYSQL Database 1 1 10 unlimited
  FTP accounts
FTP accounts 1 1 unlimited unlimited
  EMAIL accounts
EMAIL accounts 1 1 5 unlimited
  Email SENDING limit
Email SENDING limit 5 emails per hour 60 emails per hour 60 emails per hour 200 emails per hour
  BACKUP of your files
BACKUP of your files - every day every day every hour
  Technical SUPPORT
Technical SUPPORT -
  SSL certificate (https://)
SSL certificate (https://)
  Free account TRANSFER
Free account TRANSFER -

All taxes included. No price increase at renewal. Keep this price forever.


If you choose a custom hosting and add no paid options you won't pay anything for this hosting. Great, right? But to avoid misuse of the free service we have to put some limits to keep our servers clean from spam, cheaters, empty pages and not used/dead accounts.

If you are on a custom free plan, please observe this limits:
- no free domain extensions .tk, .ga, .ml and others
- no fake profile, your email address has to be verified
- no test pages, like 'Hello world' page
- no redirects to other domains, no iframes
- account owner has to login at least once every 3 months
- maximum two custom free plans per account. If you need more just contact us.
- one account per person, do not open new accounts to have more free plans
CUSTOM FREE HOSTING PLANS that are outside of this rules will be deleted.
These limits do not apply if you have at least one paid option in your custom plan.

Our hosting plans include

  • 99,9% Uptime guarantee
  • Cloudlinux accounts protection
  • One click WordPress installation
  • Webmail access
  • POP, IMAP and SMTP
  • SFTP (Secure FTP)
  • 24/7 network monitoring
  • cPanel 74.0.6 admin panel
  • HTTP/2 enabled
  • SSL (https://) certificate
  • Apache version 2.4.34
  • PHP version 7.2, 7.1, 7.0, 5.6
  • Mysql version 5.7
  • phpMyAdmin
  • ionCube Loaders
Piuhost includes all