Fees and Payment

Fee for the Hosting Package offered by Piu Host OÜ is displayed to the Client on the website. All charges payable by the Client shall be in accordance with the information provided. The Client is required to pay all fees due in advance of 1 month or 12 months period of Service provision.For all subsequent periods of Service it will be sent an invoice and renewal notice 5 Business Days before the period is due to expire. Payment must be made within one week in order for the Service to continue without interruption.Piu Host OÜ may at any time change the price of its Hosting Packages, however the Client will not be subject to any additional extra charges during his paid period and any change in fees will be reflected in subsequent renewals.

The Client may, at any time, change their Hosting Package, if the Client chooses to do so. All fees payable by the Client to Piu Host OÜ shall be paid in full, without set off or deduction. Payments may be made by electronic funds transfer. Piu Host OÜ reserves the right to suspend the Service or cancel the Client’s Order if fees are not paid after the due date.

Responsibility for Payment

Client is responsible for all charges, costs, expenses and other fees (the “Fees”) associated with use of the Services once our Services are made available.  Clients' first invoice is generated at the time of Services order.  An invoice for any Renewal Term is generated ten (10) days prior to the first day of the Renewal Term (the “Due Date”) unless other arrangements have been made or a cancellation request has been submitted.  Client is responsible for the fees and charges set out within the initial web portal invoice you pay on the Effective Date and any other invoice generated for a Renewal Term.

Automatic renewal

All payment methods that allow charges to be automatically applied will be charged seven (7) days before expiration date per the invoice.  If the payment method of choice does not allow automatic payments to be applied, payment must be made manually on or before the invoice due date.

Charges.  The Due Date for Fees for renewed packages is the package renewal date.

Failure to Renew.  Accounts that have invoices which are more than fourteen (14) days overdue will be suspended. If a suspended account is to be reactivated, all of the overdue invoices will need to be paid to make it current before the suspension is lifted.  Accounts that have invoices more than two months overdue are considered abandoned and will be subject to termination.

Refund - Anytime Money Back Guarantee

To cancel a Hosting Service and receive a refund of the paid fees, the Client must contact Piu Host via ticket. If the clients account does not violate Piu Host Agreement Terms, a refund will be issued in proportion of the remaining days in the subscribed plan.

All third party fees, including domain registration fees, setup fees and migration fees, are non-refundable, non-negotiable and excluded from the Anytime Money Back Guarantee.

Payment Methods

Piu Host accepts payment via Credit Cards and bank transfers.  By providing Piu Host with an account payment information, the Client gives Piu Host consent to charge the Credit Card on file on the Due Date of any invoices linked to the account.  Please see the invoice for banking information for the manual payment.

Billing Errors - Chargebacks

If the Client discovers an error on an invoice, he shall notify Piu Host as soon as possible by either email, chat or submitting a ticket.

Any received chargebacks will incur a forty euro fee (40 EUR) on the associated billing account and all services will be immediately suspended pending investigation.